Custom Software; a must for any company wanting to thrive in this historic era

Custom Software; a must for any company wanting to thrive in this historic era

Custom Software; a must for any company wanting to thrive in this historic era

The raging height in competition between product and service industries has come to a point where the statement “only the strong will survive” has been proven not only valid but a solid fact.

The shades of inventions and wildfire of pursuit for organizations to outshine their competition in the global market has scioned the questions “Who will survive, which organization will find a footstool in this fast gliding circus of time and which organization will loosen its grip under the furnace of this pressure?”  The answers to these critical questions can’t be far from; understanding custom software and the need for its integration in any and every company.

Custom software or bespoke software is a software tailored in a way that it can achieve specific goal or specific goals for specific users or organization.

The Microsoft word is appreciated because of its universality in word processing, but what if I own a company that offers services involving word processing, emailing, research, cataloging, tracking and even customer services, That means this off the shelf software; “Microsoft word” becomes as insufficient as it is irrelevant; at this point the custom software steps in. A well designed software can cover all the activities and processes of your company, in other words from the illustration made, a tailored software can be designed to carry out both word processing, emailing, tracking, research and on and on based on how your organization wants it. Every activity, data, process or idea unique to your company is sunk into this software, so you relax and watch an automated software carry out your company processes with unrivalled accuracy.

It sounds like a miracle but we can help you achieve that at Digiweb Developers Company

  • Which Organization will survive in this fast gliding circus of time?

First you have to understand that the same services you offer can be offered by a million companies in the global market and some of these companies offer such services far much better than you do, that means the only thing that will strike an edge in your favour in your fight to stand above your crowd of competitors is your customized tool built to fit in to you original ideas. Only that can guarantee your exclusivity hence giving you a dominating niche in your field in the global market.

  • A construction company that will survive: Relying on pens, papers, observations, and day to day instructions from superiors in managing a construction project is both obsolete, tiresome and pathetically error bound, a construction company likely to survive in this historic era is one with a tailored software that manages project and construction processes, report progress, time-track regular and irregular changes, control crucial documents and handle both inspections and commissioning.


  • A health company that will survive: Managing health records manually is a sign that a hospital is heading to the squalls. Electronic health records, storing blood groups, genotypes and such things relating to a patient in a hospital database can be done accurately by a customized software and this process guarantees easier and quicker access to such data thereby increasing the chances of saving lives, a second is all it takes to save or lose a life. Any health system wise enough to buy the idea of this custom software has secured a front row in the global health market and is sure to survive this era.


  • The educational institution that will survive: Believe me education has gone beyond raising school structures and following a school system that can be traced back to the days before technological revolution, today much is achieved using custom software and interactive learning. Manual management of educational system has no place in this era, an educational system that will survive is one with an integrated software that accurately manages admission, details of students, results and even transfer of certificates, and same software can also incorporate payment methods.


  • Which organizations will find a footstool in this fast gliding circus?

At this point I would rather give you a rundown of companies planted firmly because they ran from the fading mechanism of business management and bought the idea of zeros and ones, companies that understood that it always comes down to having a positive approach to custom software and tech at large.

The crypto hero; “bitcoin” is a bank in cyber space which operates using a powerful custom software which offers a global and affordable secure savings to trillions of people.

BBC understood the need to slide along with the changing tides hence they launched money on a project to develop its own custom digital media production and management software. With this I can assure you that BBC has secured a comfy lounge in a large room where the faint light might not go down.

Today’s leading real-world retailer, Wal-Mart has succeeded in crushing competitors by using a bespoke software that powers its distribution and logistics capacities.

With the use of the custom software; “fix my street” Uk succeeds in finding problems unique to streets hence solving them.

Amazon, a company having a market cap of 1.5 trillion was once an online bookshop but it escalated to the Amazon we know now after building a fast custom software centered on customer satisfaction.

Uber has come to stay. With the aid of its intelligent software, it could connect a passenger to a nearby free driver.

Tik tok; a video sharing service which only surfaced in 2016 has made its name in the industry. This it achieved using a bespoke software that decides the video a user will see and the same time giving the user opportunity to customize his/her videos.


The   need to integrate this custom software solution in companies can’t be over emphasized.

  • Custom software is flexible, it is constructed in a way that it implements features viable and restricted only to your business alone, it is not a package that sits in the middle, its main target is your business goals and this boosts high efficiency and enhanced performance.


  • With a tailored software, the idea of task repetition becomes a thing of the past because this software automates such tasks and they occur at the exact time they should, hence saving both time and cost.


  • Data from your business can always be integrated into this software so the software grows as your business grows


  • Custom software is cost friendly because in the long run it saves you money from upgrades subscription and licensing associated with off the shelf software.

Clearly software like an ocean is gulping the world; any company that plays a card of ignorance by neglecting custom software today will loosen its grip soon under pressure in the global market. Time is ticking, the future is here, the odds can be turned in your favour today if you make a smart choice of choosing digiweb developers to design a custom software for your company. Remember the earliest bird meets the fattest worms.

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