Tech is more than a Brand - It's the Future

Tech is more than a Brand - It's the Future

Tech is more than a Brand - It's the Future

Certainly you must have come across the term ”Jet Age”, you might be marveled to know that the major reason why this age is termed “Jet” is not only the inventions, innovations and developments that characterize this modern time but also the speed at which anyone will be left at the back trail of life if he/she refuses to step into this magical trend of time called Tech.


It would have been comprehensible if we were still in the Stone Age, those days far gone when the hooting of the night owl announces the night and the chirping of the early birds signals the morning; but for any living being in this time to ask the question; “What is Tech?” sounds totally Strange, Right now, the real question is not “what is Tech?” but;”What is not Tech?” Come to think of it, what is not Tech?

The rapid outburst of digital and technological developments that wraps around this time is quite thrilling and it is not a thing for an orthodox traditionalist to wrap his hands around his bosom, hoping that those old conventional ways of doing things will find its ways once more on the sands of time, the stone age is gone and gone for good; so you have only a Hobson’s choice of catching up with this moment; quit asking What is tech (Tech-what?), because the  boat of the future is about to leave you behind on those lonely shores.


I would be making an understatement if I say that Tech has been woven into the fabrics of every sector involving man, his society and this modern generation. I think it is better said that Tech has taken over absolutely every sector of today’s society; you doubt it?... then ride with me


  • The Mobility Sector: Many years ago it was a sure impossibility of covering a very far distance in little or no time but here we stand, today we are not only making references to cars and air-crafts with extreme carbon footprints, we are talking about unimaginable  exponential progress in automotive manufacturing industries; Today vehicles are no longer designed to run on asphalt roads but Tech has designed vehicles that shun the traffics of the road and take to the skies like the Autonomous Aerial Vehicles(AEV); a self driven drone-like vehicle configured to take off vertically and land vertically taking its passengers away from congested areas, or the hover bike; Imagine flying in a  bike-like compartment at an altitude of 33 feet at a speed of 96kmph. Supersonic airplanes travelling at a speed faster than the speed of sound, the gliding taxi, city to city rockets, transport submarines, the bubble float all travelling at unimaginable speed with extreme safety components. Not forgetting the Hyperloop; A pod built for long distance travels with magnetic levitation technology for propulsion; have you ever dreamt of riding inside a very comfortable green beans at an extreme speed; that dream and more is what the Hyperloop has to offer: these are just tips of ice bergs of what tech and the future has to offer in the transportation/mobility sector


  • Health Sector: It is no longer a news that in the recent times fertilization and incubation of babies can occur successfully outside the female’s body, it is neither a news that an ordinary smart needle has been designed to detect growths like cancer in the body, I hope the fact that a smart T-shirt that detects the heartbeat and checks heart faults doesn’t sound so new to you because if it does; you are yet to see the strangest but awesome things tech will offer to health as months gradually turn into years.


  • ICT and AI: Gradually man is coming to his retirement home, analyses suggests that with the sudden sky rocketing outburst of the ICT and artificial intelligence in the recent time, if care is not taken, man will have less than nothing to do in the nearest future. ICT and AI have found its way into the reins of every activity that was initially handled by man; in filming and acting, man may not be needed as the Hanson created AI named Sophia can exhibit almost all the emotions of man with impeccable accuracy

In customer service and management, we are becoming dispensable; Emotech AI-powered technology Olly using machine learning algorithms tend to understand customer’s facial expressions, voice inflections and verbal patterns hence it starts making conversations with customers giving accurate suggestions and showing the customer the exact action to take next…believe me the future will be scary for anyone relegating Technology to the background and casting innovations to the swine.


  • Education: This should be and is the master piece of modern day technology; The days of scrubbing the white board with markers and teachers screaming to drive knowledge into the students are long gone,  the days of converging a crowd in a fixed destination called a school, following the obsolete and old traditionalistic method of knowledge impartation are relegated, today with a smart phone and a pair of headphones one has access to that kind of education that was once reserved for the sons of aristocracy. Education has grown beyond boring the mind and that’s what the former method of education or better said schooling has to offer: No more and no less. But Education is about curiosity because it takes only a curious mind to expand. The technological updates in the area of education and how the competition rises each day among schools and among countries is not a thing for school handlers to approach with great indifference, Technology bridges the quality gap as it converts text books to life, in education the upraise of technology has gone beyond being just a tool but a standard of credibility:


  • Learning simulations have replaced direct instructions
  • Game based learning has replaced complex tutoring
  • Apps have replaced text-books
  • Digital literacy has outpaced academic literacy
  • Cloud based education has taken root
  • Credible online school management portals like DigiSchool Portal ® have replaced the offline managerial tool marred with dullness inaccuracy and incredibility;

Once education is gotten right, you get moving and education can only be gotten right when technology is integrated seamlessly into its system instead of viewing it as an odd-on or an afterthought event.

It’s quite odd to know that most school handlers in this age still shy away from innovation forgetting that if we handle education today the way we handled it yesterday; then we rob the children of  their tomorrow, today’s kids shouldn’t be confined to the ancient mode of learning because they were born in another time.

It’s about time we joined the whole world to embrace the future: as a handler, what would you to lose if you become futuristic and run your school the way suiting for this time.

Why make so much errors in school management when impeccability in management both in time, accuracy is guaranteed when an online portal as DigiSchool Portal ® is integrated into your school system, the future of education is within your grasp.

So what is it going to be, are you going to close your eyes and let Tech and its marvels swerve past you, will you keep shying away from Tech? well if that is your decision you actually made the wrong one because Tech has gone beyond the definition you gave it, Tech is more than just a brand it’s the future.


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