Artificial Intelligence Invasion: Is it Time to Get Worried?

Artificial Intelligence Invasion: Is it Time to Get Worried?

Artificial Intelligence Invasion: Is it Time to Get Worried?

The world at this time has gotten to that junction when it wishes that someone travels with a time machine back to 1983 and turn off the internet. 

Much could be said about the numerous positives that came with the arrival of the internet, but with the sudden skyrocketing of AI and its capabilities, one might wonder; Is it time to get worried?

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Some Things You Might Worry About

Russia claimed recently it had begun the manufacture of an automated nuclear Torpedo. Poseidon as it is called can travel unnoticed through the ocean, evading all missile defenses and delivering a nuclear weapon at the target location just a few days after being launched.

Mohsen Fakhrizadah, Iran’s top nuclear scientist was assassinated by an autonomous machine gun from Israel’s Mossad; that means no soul pulled that trigger, it was just an alignment of sensors and actuators behind the scientist's assassination.

North Korea is rumored to have cloned a ChatGPT that can provide any information without boundaries and restrictions.

Geoffrey Hinton, the scientist popularly referred to as the godfather of AI quit his job recently at Google. His fear was the ferocious advancement of Artificial Intelligence. Recall that Hinton and two of his graduate students at Toronto were the pioneers of the technology upon which the foundation of AI was built. In his comments about this unchecked advancements of AI he opined that he regrets his works right now.

The world's strongest man and number one citizen of the world, President Joe Biden in a meeting with top tech executives made a comment “What you are doing has enormous potential and enormous danger” This shows the extent at which the AI invention creates tension.

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The Current Situation 

Currently, the powers that be and the world power U.S. which is presumably tasked with protecting the world is scared. They are scared of what this generative technology could do and how it can be a game changer in the rules of war.

There has been motions raised in the United States legislations about regulating the invasion of Artificial intelligence. While this is still in play, the problem becomes that; even if America regulates the AI madness, what of China. If China decides to back down a little in integrating AI into war weapons, what of Russia, if in the most impossible scenarios Russia obliges to reduce channeling energy to AI weaponry, definitely a small hot-headed country like North Korea will never give in. The question becomes, “Is it time to get worried?”  

Last October, America forestalled the sending of high intelligent chips to China. When confronted, the White House alluded that there were no malicious reasons behind its actions. The president claimed that this decisions aims at ensuring America retains a competitive advantage in the market.

But the story in Pentagon tells otherwise; it was all about power control. Stopping the supply of those AI intelligent chips to China will limit the integration of AI senors to weapons of war by China.

But with the arrival of ChatGPT, it becomes obvious that whatever Uncle Sam planned to achieve with his plots is not really taking a solid ground.

The generative technology ChatGPT has the potential of sourcing data from the deepest part of of the internet space. It can dig up the most concealed instruction and serve it to the user on a platter.

This case calls for fear because the laziest of criminals who would have found it an uphill task to scan through the millions of pages on Google can easily have his information by just a prompt from ChatGPT.

If you have experienced this generative ability of ChatGPT, you will understand how good and evil it could be. We can boast that it can’t presently answer questions on how to set off a bomb or how to plan a revolution, but never forget, there is always a way to break through safety limits.

While the big folks in the White House are pushing to add restrictions to this AI invasion, the big folks in the blue house of tech are worried about such policies. They see it as another limitation to the cruising pace of technology. They are aware that their adversaries in other countries are not going to hold back. 

Addressing the situation, the White House Vice President Kamala Harris met with the leaders of Goggle, OpenAI, and Anthropic to iron out these concerns triggered by Artificial Intelligence. In her address she said “The Private Sector has an ethical moral and legal responsibility to ensure the safety and security of their products”  She emphasized that all the companies must without holding back comply with every law set out to protect the people of the USA.  

The Hollywood has thrilled us for so long on movies that are really unfolding in our line of vision. Many decades ago, not a soul will believe that these iterations from Hollywood about artificial intelligence in the art of war could be a reality.

What if the next predictions of same Hollywood is on its way to manifestation even in our lifetime; the horrifying scenarios where this AI’s lock out their designers, hence carrying out activities based on their own volition. 

Movies like Person of Interest played out a horror where a machine created, eventually locked out its creator and acclaimed itself a god.

At least for now it is just a movie, but 10 years from now, it’s better to hope it still remains a movie and not an occurring event.

Africa on the other hand is not far behind in this whole AI invasion. Few months ago, Uniccongroup built a female AI that is endowed with numerous capabilities. Such abilities of this AI called Omeife include speaking about 8 languages, movement, intelligent conversations and many more.

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What the Future Holds 

The speed at which the mysteries or call it AI wonders invade our earth makes it so difficult to predict what next we should expect. We woke up one morning and realized that a Bot called Siri was integrated in our phones, and we could ask her to carry out activities which we usually did ourselves.

What happens next in every sector of human life. Will the dawn of tomorrow bring a revolution, a war between the creator and the created; it is quite a situation to dread, how do you combat a being that acts long before you start thinking.

Who knows the ease at which nuclear power houses can be hacked with the next AI that will be introduced. 

Will private data start falling into the wrong hands quite easily, courtesy of the next generative technology that will be created.

It becomes scary and unthinkable to predict what evil the future holds for the human beings in the hands AI beings.

Maybe AI won’t go all Army of the Dead on us, the future might see these intelligent machines working out the very purpose of their creation; assisting humankind in the best way possible and for that reason it calls for hope no matter how slim.


The sudden invasion of AI and its introduction into delicate areas like weapon management has become an object of concern. 

With the world’s superpowers surging forward to ensure they have the greatest control of this AI market, it draws up questions without answers, “Is it time to get worried? How are we sure these machines are not going to erase us even before climate change does?


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