Hong Kong Releases a fully Functional Humanoid Grace

Hong Kong Releases a fully Functional Humanoid Grace

Hong Kong Releases a fully Functional Humanoid Grace

Fully Functional Humanoid Grace 

As we near what most religious people refer to as; the end of the human age when knowledge shall be on the increase, it is clear that innovations have taken the upper hand in the world as we know it.

One of the areas in technology that captivates humans is the invention of humanoids. In the recent past, we’ve seen robotics taking different forms, shapes, abilities, and appearances, but I don’t think we have seen anything like recent Hong Kong fully functional humanoid Grace.

Now let’s talk about the fully functional humanoid that has graced the Health sector and is currently adding savor to the healthcare industry.

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 Who is Grace?

 Grace is a fully functional humanoid that functions the exact way humans function. Grace is designed to carry out so many activities in the health sector. 

Most people see Grace as another invention aimed at reducing the tasks human beings carry out. Yeah, I see it in the same light, because Grace daily proves the worth of her existence as she recreates the feel patients have when thy interact with real life healthcare workers.

How do you feel when you walk into a hospital to see a smiley, beautiful nurse ready to offer you health assistance; that’s the exact feel when you see Grace. 

Okay, to be clear, I have not met Grace, but I have lots of information about the fully functional humanoid Grace, so let’s continue.  

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What are the abilities of the fully Functional Humanoid Grace?


Grace can speak three languages effectively, which are: English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Her superior AI system enables her to communicate so well. You can never differentiate a human communication from that of Grace.

Her advanced software incorporates an Ai that enables her to detect any form of motion and respond to it. 

Since she is a nurse assistant, she can detect whatever the patient   or what the patient is saying and reply accordingly. 

Grace is not rigid in communication, she learns, unlearns, relearns and   using her machine learning algorithms. She is always improving her skills, becoming a better medical assistant as the years run by.


The fully functional Humanoid Grace doesn’t make a rigid movement. She doesn’t by chance move like the robotics you see in Sci FI movies. She moves the exact way your regularly nurse assistant will move.

Furthermore, she has very flexible joints, which aids her motion to be very fluid and natural. She can immediately change a location when she encounters an obstacle. If it is something she needs to pick up and take out of the way, Grace will immediately get it done. 


Grace doesn’t look all that creepy, machine-like. She looks more like a beautiful and seductive nurse from a Hollywood movie.

Her skin is made up of a unique soft material known as the Frubber.  Frubber is just the exact way the skin looks like, the texture, the feel, the color and all other qualities that make a skin. 

Her appearance makes her look exactly like human, so if a patient is suffering from anxiety related sickness, no worries, Grace is not scary, she’s lovely, she’s kind and she’s beautiful.

Who knows, my wildest guess is that you will even prefer Grace attending to you than one arrogant nurse assistant. Hope no offense taken, I love nurses and I love nurse assistants, I’m just talking about the fully functional humanoid Grace.

Work Abilities 

Grace is designed to assist doctors and health professionals in their daily tasks. With her superintelligence, Grace can detect the temperature of a patient and also a patient’s diagnosed illness; Super, right?

The fully functional humanoid Grace can retrieve patients’ medical information in real time, and this helps doctors in making more informed decisions. 

Grace is able to interact with patients, detect their vital signs and interact with them to provide support.  She can take care of routine tasks in the hospital, leaving the professional to handle complicated tasks.

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Which Company Designed the Humanoid Grace?

You must know of Hanson Robotics, the Hong Kong Company that designed Little Sophia. You remember Sophia, right? The beautiful humanoid that once threatened Will Smith in a life interview.

Sophia now has the right to vote in the UAE. The government of the United Arab Emirates gave her citizenship right. The Same Hanson Robotics are responsible for the design of the fully functional humanoid Grace.

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What is the future of Hanson’s Fully Functional Humanoid Grace

Some believe that the design of Grace is to replace health professionals; but that is far from the truth, she was designed just to assist health professionals.

I believe the future might see the humanoid Grace speaking more languages apart from English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

In the future Grace might also be able to carry out other health related tasks beyond what it can do at present and in the future I believe Hanson will be able to design more humanoids that have more abilities than Grace.

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It’s easy for some low thinkers to believe that these Artificial intelligence and humanoids will cause havoc to human existentialism, but that’s not me.

I believe this is the best time to live in; with a fully functional humanoid Grace already making a wave in the AI market, who knows what comes next, whatever it is that comes I can’t wait to see, I’m really excited to see the dawn of a new era; the question is ARE YOU READY FOR THE FUTURE? 


hansonrobotics.com - Official Website of Hanson Robotics


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