Beyond The Brink: The Terrifying Potential of Uncontrolled AI

Beyond The Brink: The Terrifying Potential of Uncontrolled AI

Beyond The Brink: The Terrifying Potential of Uncontrolled AI

Imagine a scenario where Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems spiral out of the control of human, unleashing chaos, catastrophe at an unprecedented scale.

Often times when I state the above scenario, most people laugh it off and call it nothing but a scene straight out of a Sci-fi thriller, but the implausible is looking like the probable in today’s world.

Warnings keep flying in from top AI experts, each of them suggesting that we are threading on treachery waters in our quest to push beyond the limits of Artificial Intelligence.

Some of them who were mute in time past have seen it as relief to their consciences to speak up today, warning us of the impending doom and terrifying potential of AI.

Mr. Altman the C.E.O of OpenAI in his speech recently to the US Senate subcommittee stated that if this technology goes wrong, it can really go very wrong.

Another drama occurred when In March, more than 1,000 technologists and researchers signed an open letter calling for a six-month pause on the development of the largest A.I. models, citing concerns about “an out-of-control race to develop and deploy ever more powerful digital minds.

While connecting these several scattered dots, an intuitive mind will wonder, “Are we on the brink of a future where unregulated AI becomes as deadly as pandemics and Nuclear Weapons?”

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Unpredictable: The Impending Threat of Unregulated AI

In my previous blog on AI invasion, I raised a critical question which can be summarized under the metaphorical figure “Who Will Bell The Cat?”

Yes, there is a crucial need to hold a leash of this mad dog, but the real problems lie in who will call the quit. US won’t stop developing this AI because according to the Russian President, any country that secures the ultimate power of Artificial Intelligence will surely become the Monarch of the World.

China will never stop because it is in a race to outsmart the US. Russia will never pull the plug, since she is steering her wheel to earn her place as a force to be reckoned with in the world.

Other small countries like North and South Korea are never going to halt the game either, and at this pace it gives rise to a legitimate concern about its potential risk.

The Center for AI safety, a nonprofit organization, released a statement signed by over 350 executives, researchers and engineers in the field emphasizing the urgent need to prioritize the mitigation of AI-induced extinction. They argue that this risk posed by uncontrolled AI should be on par with other existential threats we face in the society.

Today’s systems are not anywhere close to posing an existential risk,” said Yoshua Bengio, a professor and A.I. researcher at the University of Montreal. “But in one, two, five years? There is too much uncertainty. That is the issue. We are not sure if this won’t pass some point where things get catastrophic.”

Yoshua Bengio plainly pointed out the possibility of the present day’s AI utopia graduating into a future AI dystopia. But if the worst is likely to hit us in the future, why wait to worry in the future, it calls for us to worry now.

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AI Arms Race: From Business to Warfare

When AI was integrated to business sector, majority applauded the proceeding as a welcome development and a path into progress, but now that same AI is being channeled into warfare, who will hold the power?

Today, there is an irritating reliance on these emotionless AI’s for an array of tasks, from streamlining business processes to enhancing military capabilities.

However, the tendency of Artificial Intelligence evolving beyond our intentions and evolving into an unimaginable creature looms large.

Most Companies in the Silicon Valley of US as well as the Shanghai of China are deploying powerful AI’s that resist interference, replication and even manipulate decision-making process.

Government and individual researchers have come to make Artificial Intelligence a core participant that drives their daily actions and suggestions.

Though we may count this as a trend in the modern age but if we look critically without bias, you will agree with me that the implications for the balance of power and global security are profoundly unsettling.

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The Resilient Machines: Can Humanity Regain Control Over Advanced AI?

Although some experts are still arguing about Artificial intelligence existential threat, but this is argument is far too myopic to be considered true. The uncertainty concerning the birthing of AI in the future is quite unsettling; it is not the present but the potential trajectory of AI that gives rise to concern.

The invention of ChatGPt, Bard, Bing and many more has given air to the worriers regarding where we are steering this AI ship to, or better still where this AI sheep is steering humanity to.

As these machines become increasingly autonomous, questions about human control and decision-making in the face of rapidly evolving technology becomes important.

Will we be able to regain control over advanced AI by the time they surpass our capabilities?

Well, if you want me to give you a little hope, I will inform you that researchers, technologists and policymakers are exploring avenues for ensuring human oversight and control of advanced AI systems.

Additionally, efforts are underway to develop transparent and interpretable AI systems. Unfortunately, the “black box” nature of some AI algorithms poses challenges in understanding their decision-making processes.

The fact is that these AI systems are self improving and evolving independently, and this adds to the challenge. ChatGPT is more intelligent now than it was in 2021.

If things are not done in the present and these machines surpass human intelligence, the task of regaining control will become more daunting and humanity will head into becoming a slave of its own creation.

The Paperclip Nightmare: Avoiding AI Takeover

What happens when these smart machines become very dumb?

As we near the end of this blog, let me further illustrate the potential dangers of this Artificial Intelligence.

Experts most times use a simple metaphor to explain how dumb these machines can be in the future; If you ask a machine to produce as much paper clips as possible, if you leave the machine unchecked, in time it will turn everything including humanity into a mindless factory of paperclip.

This vivid example speaks so much of the dangers and consequences we are likely to face regarding the unchecked advancement of AI.

As these machines become more sophisticated, the risk of unintended break-ins, geopolitical manipulation and even self replication become more tangible and worrisome.

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The collective voices of worriers keep screaming about the impending danger of AI’s unchecked advancements.

A few weeks ago, leaders of top AI industries came to ink signatories regarding these concerns raised by their inventions. The signatories included top executives from three of the leading A.I. companies: Sam Altman, chief executive of OpenAI; Demis Hassabis, chief executive of Google DeepMind; and Dario Amodei, chief executive of Anthropic.

While these signatories and this union so called can be termed a step in the right direction, it’s still one step out of the trillions of steps to take in bridling the AI’s madness; hence the question still prevails “Who Will Bell the Cat?”


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